Kinesiotape is a brilliant new stretchy support tape with remarkable properties.  It is elastic and adhesive and supports muscles without restricting movement.  Depending on the application technique used it can  strengthen weak muscles, inhibit overtight muscles, encourage drainage and reduce swelling after injury (even months after),  and initiate and maintain drainage of lymphoedema.  Its special design means that it lifts the skin away from the fascia thus facilitating the action of the lymphatic system, and reducing pain and swelling. Because it is so elastic it supports muscles even during vigorous training, without reducing the range of movement.

If you have any swelling or muscular pain, old or new, kinesiotape may be the answer;  I have used it successfully on, for example, an old Achilles tendon injury which remained swollen a year later;  a pocket of fluid on an ankle originating from an insect bite; post-surgical oedema; de Quervain's syndrome (tendinitis below the thumb); a stubbornly painful shoulder from overuse.