What is Deep Tissue Massage?
Massage is one of the oldest healing modalities.  Hippocrates himself mentioned it in the fifth century BC, saying 'rubbing binds the part which is loose, and loosens the part which is stiff'.  Deep Tissue Massage is also known as Remedial Massage or Therapeutic Massage, and it forms the basis of Sports Massage.  It originated in Swedish Massage, so called because it was systematised for physiotherapeutic use in hospitals by a Swedish physician in the 19th century.
Deep Tissue Massage works at several levels.  When kneaded and stretched, tight muscles will soften and relax, resulting in less pain and a better range of movement.  At a cellular level, when muscles are softer, circulation and drainage improve: metabolic wastes flow away more easily, and a better blood flow will bring fresh nourishment, giving cells the optimum conditions for repair and renewal.  As the muscles loosen, so the relaxation response is activated, the nervous system is calmed and balanced, and mental and emotional tensions are eased.
Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage
Deep Tissue Massage is useful for
  • tight and aching muscles
  • stiff joints
  • headaches
  • neck and back tension
  • aches and pains associated with arthritis
  • recovery from sprains and strains
  • 'mouse' shoulder, from too long at the computer
  • sciatica and trapped nerves where these result from tight musculature
Generally, Deep Tissue Massage eases stiffness and tension, relieves congestion and stimulates circulation.  It releases stress, relaxes both body and mind, and aids sleep.  And last but not least - it feels good!